Great Financial Habits to Start Before You Are 30,
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9 Great Financial Habits to Start Before You Are 30

The earlier you start great financial habits, the easier your life will become over time. It is hard to make money and stay out of debt. But, when you realize that as a debt snowball happens quickly, a change of financial habits can create a money snowball. This happens when you understand the power of...
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Dream Finances

I have talked about wealth building in another article. Now I will tell you about Dream Finances. I prefer to use the term Dream Finances, since more of you understand that term. The issue is Dream Finances versus Nightmare Finances. Dream finances include a portfolio with guerrilla budgeting, mutual funds for savings, and home buying...
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A Primer for Avoiding Financial Waste and Living on a Tight Budget

The Talk with Your Family About Avoiding Financial Waste If you have a family, the first thing you need to do is to get them to understand how avoiding financial waste helps a tight budget. Then, discuss what it means to live on a super-tight budget. Tell them they may not get many of the...
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MsFinancialSavvy Personal Finance Website

Lois Center-Shabazz is a financial blogger and the creator of
MsFinancialSavvy. My website is targeted to women and girls to
understand dividend stocks, mutual funds, simple investing, money saving money skills, and budgeting tips the right way. My dream finances include
wealthbuilding as a money strategy.

Budgeting tips leads to great financial habits and
money skills

The key to understanding money and finances includes understanding
budgeting first. Without a budget, there is no money. This is where
you start money saving skills, and then go on to investing in dividend stocks and mutual funds. This money strategy will not fail you.

Using my budgeting tips and money saving skills you can create
your dream finances. Invest in mutual funds and dividend stocks to
understand mutual fund compounded interest and simple investing.
With this combination you will soon be on the path to wealthbuilding.

How personal finance skills leads to wealth building

The more you study MsFinancialSavvy, the more you will understand
the various uses for money and finance. Money saving skills is a complicated vehicle, it can make you or break you. But, the more you understand the faster you will get on the path to wealth building.

Her financial blogger skills will change the way you thing about money when you practice money saving skills and develop a money strategy that includes learning simple investing with dividend stocks and mutual funds. Don’t forget to start with the many budgeting tips available on the website.

Start WealthBuilding When You Buy a Home and Car Right

The transformation will happen with the activation of articles,
courses in homebuying, carbuying, budgeting, saving money and mentorship at msfinancialsavvy.

This page includes articles about; Dream Finances, Great Financial Habits
Personal finances that rock, Invest in Bond Funds, Money Strategy,
Understanding Money, Habits of Wealthy Women, Avoiding Financial Waste
Small Business Start Up Tips. All with the right budgeting tips, money saving skills, compounded investing in dividend stocks and mutual funds.

This will be the start of wealth building for you. –Lois