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Powerful Positive Money Attraction Affirmations for Daily Use With Finances

Powerful positive money attraction affirmations for daily use with finances are necessary to remove lifelong negative affirmations that dominate your thinking. Because negative financial affirmations start as a child, they become deeply embedded. If you have positive, thoughtful money attraction affirmations placed by your parents and others, you will be positive about money.

Unfortunately, many of you have negative financial affirmations placed by your family. The good news is negative affirmations can be replaced by positive money affirmations if you are willing to work at them.

What type of work does it take to replace the negative with the positive? It takes a lot of work to change old financial tapes in your head. But you can do it if you make it a concentrated task over time.

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Examples of Negative Money Attraction Affirmations Growing Up:

1. You will always be poor

2. We will never get out of debt

3. You’ll never work hard enough to get ahead

4. You will always be a factory worker

5. We will never get ahead in life. We were born that way

6. The money is not there, and it will never be

7. Success is not for people like us

8. It does not do any good to get an education

9. If you save and budget, the money will get away from you anyway 10. The more you try, the worse off you will be

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Your First Affirmation Money: Positive Affirmation Task

The first task is to become familiar with positive affirmation money. Some of you have been programmed with negative thoughts for so long that you must search for the positive ones deep in your head. Here I have compiled a list of positive affirmation money quotes I created so that you can move forward.

If you consistently repeat these positive affirmation money quotes, you can rid yourself of the constant negative affirmations and thoughts about money, personal finance, and financial behaviors.

You may feel that this is basic information that most of you know. I have bad news for you; it is not. Because many of my clients I have spoken to do not understand where their bad financial behaviors come from, I recommend you do a backward analysis.

Money quotes by Lois Center- Shabazz and
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Financial Habits Backwards Analysis

This is where a backward analysis comes in. You look back at everything people close to you have said about money so that you can change those tapes.

We do the analysis to pinpoint the exact times and places the negative thoughts were programmed in your head. Let us move forward and change your financial behaviors for the better by understanding that your positive affirmation money quotes can be changed by you and only you.

Examples of Positive Affirmation Money Quotes From Parents, Teachers, Grandparents, or others:

1. You are smart enough to be a businessperson

2. The hard work you do will be rewarded

3. If you continue to build on your abilities, you will never be poor

4. When you work hard, as you do, the rewards will follow

5. Honesty pays off, stay honest and work hard

6. A formula of a smart girl, common sense, and hard work is what you have, and it will take you far and wide. 

7. You will be extraordinarily successful one day and will have all the money you need.

8. You have the brain to create powerful finances; just keep doing your research

9. If you understand how to save and budget money, you will have great finances

10. Be consistent; the harder you work at it, the better your chances

Here is Your Positive Affirmation Money Challenge Exercise

Choose one of the affirmations a day for two weeks, write about it and repeat it three times a day. You will slowly change the way you think. Do each of the following positive affirmations until you are done with the list. This positive affirmation challenge will take the better of 9 months to totally change financial behaviors, but sooner with many of your financial behaviors.

Of course, if you double up on your affirmation duties, you can do it in half the time. The key to success with affirmations is 1. Be consistent 2. Complete task 3. Continue to study the most powerful ones for the rest of your life 4. Document how you will use them to change your financial life forever.

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22 Powerful Positive Affirmations Money Quotes by MsFinancialSavvy

Money Affirmations to Get Started, “I Will”…

Not create emergencies with irresponsible behavior

Create at least 3 savings accounts
and account for all the money I spend

Use my income for my needs first,
I realize I work to pay my bills

Only rent an apartment I can easily afford

Not let a salesperson determine my needs,
Purchase what is best for me, not him or her

Budget my budget

Marry a financially responsible person

Money Attractions Affirmations Half Way There, “I Will…”

Always understand quality items last long, and low quality must be replaced fast.

Not go into business until I understand basic business accounting principles, customer acquisition, and business rents and leases.

Spend money according to my income, not my credit card

Be prepared for most financial emergencies.

I do not spoil my kids unless I want to create a monster

Always understand that predatory loans can ruin my life for a long time, sometimes forever

Budget my time, energy, and money

Keep a budget for all phases of my life

Positive Money Affirmations That Change Your Life, “I Will”…

Create a savings account for emergencies only

Save first, invest second, keep debt low and start to build wealth

Dream it, then do it; after a lot of research preparation and thought

Understand that I alone am responsible for my finances,
Another person in the picture adds flavor to the mix

Learn basic investing skills to protect my money and my retirement

Not believe anything I hear and only half of what I see, I will do my research

Being the captain of my ship and the driver of my bus; I will take care of my finances

The More You Know, The More You Grow With Money Attraction Affirmations – Your Finances

MsFinancialSavvy, Lois Center-Shabazz
Lois Center-Shabazz| Money Strategist | Course Delta Agency

This article is an update from 2020.

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Powerful Positive Money Attraction Affirmations for Daily Use With Finances

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  4. Having a positive outlook on money makes a huge difference. Since I was laid off in Oct 2012 with medical issues, I started a blog. At first, it was just a hobby and then I started making a little bit of money doing it. I am far from rich at the moment but I am working on improving my financial situation.

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