Secrets to Successful Home Buying for Women!

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The Course "Secrets to Successful Home Buying for Women" was created because of the home buying nightmares of many I talked to made me sad. So, I felt it was necessary to put together a course so that you, your daughters, nieces and other family members can buy a great, long-lasting and safe homes the right way.  I have used these techniques for a few decades, so I know they work. You will never be cheated again. I am not crazy, I care about you.            
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  • How to implement negotiation skills used by the pros
  • Extensive home research you can do yourself
  • How to identify and get the best home loan for you
  • The necessary steps to take before you look for a home
  • Why your agent does not have your best interest in mind
  • How to protect your down payment before you close
  • How to make your home last a lifetime and why
Secrets to successful home buying for women
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​​​Discover ​the Home Buying Course  That Banks

The "The Secrets to Successful Home Buying  for Women" Course Will Save You Thousands of Dollars in Just One Purchase.

Imagine the money you could have banked if you knew this early. Good news, it's not too late.

Women deserve the same home buying expertise as men, even if you have a man in your life.

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Buying for Women

The Ultimate Guide to Home Buying for Women

Video Lessons

Video Lessons

Downloadable pdfs

Downloadable PDFs

Interactive handouts

Interactive Handouts


Video Lessons - Introduction and Tutorial

Video Lessons - Creating the Budget

Real Estate Contract Contingencies

A Home and Community Amenities Checklist

Video Lessons - A Good Mortgage

Video Lessons - Credit Scores Matter

Condos and Townhouses: Get the Right Information

Video Lessons - The Good Things

Bonus eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Home Buying for Women - 48 pages


I am exceptionally happy with all of Lois' courses, this as well as the others. After taking the  course the whole way I looked at home buying was enlightened. My negotiation process was easy and fearless. What I saved was one of the best parts of understanding home buying.


Artist and Mom

I have known Lois for sometime and I admire her expertise in personal finance. This is an excellent course, I reviewed myself.! She has answered all of my home buying questions and those I did not ask that have helped me. Glad she allows men to participate if they want. This course information is one I can share with my female friends and family.

Tom Antion

Internet Webmaster Training

Boost Your Home Buying Skills Now. Join Our Course.

It's time to know how to be heard and understood. I can't keep these prices forever, after this brief promotional the price will go to $397. currently it is only  $47 - Why? Because I Care, you will also have access to my personal finance blog:

Secrets to Successful Home Buying for Women!

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