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Personal Finance and Small Business is in my blood. I have owned a successful brick-and-mortar business for 20 years and have invested in stocks and mutual funds for 30 years. I have been a personal finance blogger and author for 15 years.

I am a hard-hitting personal finance money coach who teaches women how understanding money creates a financial life beyond your wildest dreams. It is true that more money helps, but more knowledge about money helps more than the money itself. I will show you how that works.

You will be adept at guerrilla budgeting, sane savings, and investing insights, with my discovery program which is all about mega-money management and accumulation.

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Save Money When You Understand “Big Thing Buying” of Cars! and Homes

In 2002 I won an award for my first personal finance book. Currently, I have 8 personal finance eBooks.

I am a personal finance author, blogger, and money strategist. Get your free strategy session now.

My hobbies are graphic design, acrylic artist, and nature photography. I wear many hats and I love it.
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Money Strategist

I help others stratgize about money and finance for life. It doesn’t matter if you have prince charming or not, you have to know how money and finance is understood.

MsFinancialSavvy Courses

The more you learn, the more your know. Allow me to introduce you to MsFinancialSavvy Courses also known as Car Buying, Home Buying, and Fantastic Finances Courses. Develop financial understanding for life, understand where it all starts, with your first dollar. 

MsFinancialSavvy Articles and eBooks

Use MsFinancialSavvy articles and eBooks to get started now. Sign up for our money tips course to get on the track to understanding money and all of it’s nuances. 


fter working as a dentist for years, I studied and developed personal finance skills that I am passionate about sharing.

I want to share my years of investing in mutual funds, real estate, guerrilla budgeting, sane savings, and getting out of debt. I can speak to you about creating your dream finances, now. 

Guerrilla Budgeting
Sane Savings
Investing Insights
Building Your Dream Finances

Lois Center-Shabazz is a financial blogger and the creator of
MsFinancialSavvy Personal Finance website.

My website is targeted to women and girls to understand dividend stocks, mutual funds, simple investing, money-saving money skills, and budgeting tips the right way.

My dream finances include wealth-building as a money strategy. As a financial blogger, Lois shares her decades of financial experiences.