When Amazon started the purpose was to save money on books, now the question, does amazon have digital downloads is answered.

When Amazon Started The Purpose Was to Save Money on Books, Here’s How to Save Big

When Amazon started there was not much variety, but now the variety is huge. The discounts on popular items are also huge. The site is well-formed and easy to navigate. Are all items discounted? No, so do your homework and verify pricing. Some items are well-discounted and easy to purchase.  This makes Amazon a great discount platform to use.


Items that ship direct from Amazon will deliver to a po box. But, some items ship directly from UPS or FedEx, and those cannot be delivered to a po box. In order to get po box delivery you first have to set up your address as a po box delivery in the Amazon settings. Place a po box as the primary address. Any size item can be shipped to a po box. But it will have to be picked up at the window. They may ask for an ID to retrieve your package.


When you order online at Amazon you are saving time and gas. Because the site is easy to navigate and saves information, it is quick to use you save time. Money is also saved by saving time to travel to stores and gas. Gas savings can be a big money saver since prices are high. Gas prices have come down from the very high, but it’s still significant.

Also, will Amazon deliver to a po box for everyone, the answer is yes if it comes directly from Amazon. Most po boxes are close to home, so you still save money on gas. Remember, the shortest distance to get anywhere is in a straight line. It is even shorter if you don’t have to leave home. There are also Amazon discounts for teachers.

Amazon Fire for Digital Downloads


Teachers are not the highest-paid professionals. So, Amazon does provide discounts through educational organizations. Also, teachers get discounts through Amazon prime. Students get discounts on Amazon prime also. There are many other discounts teachers get through Amazon.

There are also discounts on the most popular items on Amazon. When Amazon started there were only discounts on books, but that has expanded to most of its items. Be sure to verify prices, some items are not discounted. Currently, most of the teacher discounts come through educational organizations and not directly to the teacher.

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When Amazon First Started There Was Not Much Variety, Now There Is



Amazon digital download is popular for music, kindle books, prime movies, and more. There are also popular items that every loves to buy and update. These items include; Earbuds, Dashcam cameras, Amazon fire, USB Wall chargers, Apple Air tags, and Bluetooth Headphones.  

Apple AirTags Good for Luggage Tracking and Kid Tracking


What you want should be what you need. The more you buy outside of your needs the worse your budget gets. There are shoppers who buy any and everything if it is on sale. This I call the, “just in case crowd”. This is the crowd who buys items for the only reason to get the sale price. Then, just in case it is needed, it is on hand. Don’t do this. It is a waste. No need to stockpile stuff that is not needed. Sales are rotated from time to time. Also, most people never use the things in the, “just in case” pile.

Car Dashcam, Great for Going on Long Trips


Both Amazon and eBay offer great discounts. There seems to be more new stuff on Amazon and more used stuff on eBay. But, both offer new and used stuff. It depends on who is doing the analyses. But, Amazon seems to be cheaper due to the low shipping cost.  Ebay doesn’t have its own products, but Amazon does.

For years Ebay was a leader but Amazon forged ahead in most categories and is now slightly larger. The Amazon platform is easy to use. These are the things you must look for on the question, which is a bigger saver, Amazon or eBay? Both Amazon and eBay have different pluses and minuses when it comes to customer and seller loyalty. It depends on which platform a customer has become accustomed to and creates personal preferences.

What are Digital Downloands is A Popular Request on Amazon

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When Amazon started it was mostly books and then some computer stuff. It has now morphed into a giant money-saving machine. It saves a lot of time. Saving time is saving money. There has frequently been the question, “will amazon deliver to a po box?”. Now Amazon does deliver items that come directly from their warehouse to a po box.

Amazon does a lot of help to a non-profit organization such as teachers. Amazon discounts for teachers to help education come in the form of educational organizations. Students also get discounts on prime membership.

What you save money on matters. Amazon and other discount platforms should not be used to stockpile items because of the discounted prices. Be frugal, and stay frugal.

A competing platform with amazon is eBay. Do you save more money on amazon or eBay? It depends on your preferences and familiarity with one platform or the other.

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When Amazon Started The Purpose Was to Save Money on Books, Here\'s How to Save Big

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  1. Kathy

    I love being able to save whenever I can as well. I love being able to shop from Amazon too. It is one of my favorite online stores.

  2. Monica

    I can’t live without Amazon. If we had to cut down spending somewhere I’d much rather give up Netflix or Hulu then give up Amazon!

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    This is such a great article to read, and to know how we can save money! I’ve learned a lot by reading this article! Such a big help! Loved it!

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    I found Amazon the most convenient when I was living in Chicago and didn’t have a car. The subscribe and save option on larger goods like toilet paper, paper towel, even kitty litter, made it worth the membership! It was so nice to not have to try and lug all that home on foot.

  5. I’m glad Amazon offers a discount to teachers they deserve it.

    Amazon was a godsend during Covid shutdowns but I think it important we try to support our hometown businesses or they will disappear.

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