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Who Manages Your Personal Finances

Who manages your personal finances? Seems like a silly question, but if you ask many people they will tell you, “no one, my money doesn’t need managing”. “I just pay my bills and spend what I can”. I hear this quite often with those who make a lot of money and those who make a little money.

They are clueless about the fine-tuning of their budget and creating finances that will create money that lasts. It is imperative that you understand budgeting tips and investing tips that create financial growth.

When I give meeting attendees just a few of my suggestions they are surprised at the information that will change their lives. They were surprised to find out how hard it is to get the right information.

The following are three things you can do to improve your personal finances. This is part 2 in a four-part series I am writing this month on personal finance.

Budgeting tips, investing tips and save money;Money, Understand that it is complicated, budgeting counts


Managing your own personal finances is crucial. Why does that sound strange – most would say, of course, I manage my own finances? But, for many, that is not true. Wives let husbands manage all the family finances, and there are husbands that let wives handle all the family finances.

Then, there are elderly people who allow adult children to manage their finances. There are even people who allow complete and total strangers to manage their finances since they are convinced they are not capable.

You can and you should manage your own finances – get personal with your finances and stay that way. Married couples should manage their finances together, and everyone else I mention should stay close and manage their own finances – this is the core of personal finance.

If you don’t feel competent enough to manage your own finances, you should think seriously about finding the time or finding help learning how.

Home buying the right way take skill


I have heard of folks turning their money over to a small business that manages their money to get them out of debt. You can get yourself out of debt if you got yourself into debt. With budgeting tips from MsFinancialSavvy and understanding investing tips, you can monitor your own finances. You know far more about your finances than strangers will ever know.

It is ok to use someone to help you get out of debt but work with that person hands-on. Don’t turn your money over to someone else to do it for you.

Not only should you not turn it over, but it is important that you stay close to the process so you can understand how to get out of debt and how to stay out of debt.

Once you have an awareness that you are at a level of debt you should not be in, start to think of what got you there and create ways to stay clear of returning to debt.


Managing your finances and getting out of debt begins with an understanding of your personal finance habits. Some habits are so automatic, it is as if some are spending money with their eyes closed.

They fail to understand the seriousness of their blind spending and the future implications.

You know you are engaged in blind spending when you ask yourself at the end of the month, where did my money go? Create your own budgeting tips, and investing tips, and create your own ability to save money. You will never be blind to your own finances.

Get Your Finances Right With This Detailed Money Management System, Get honest with your finances, get honest with your spending, and start your journey now.

The ultimate guide to the great money workover

Make sure you watch my latest video here.

Who Manages Your Personal Finances

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17 Responses

  1. Amber Myers

    I am in charge of our accounts! I would feel lost if I wasn’t. I like to know exactly where money is going and I’m in charge of the budget.

  2. Jennifer

    It is very important to know exactly where your money is going. I used to let my husband take care of our finances but now we manage them together and talk about the financial decisions that we need to make.

  3. Brandy Ellen Writes

    We manage our finances, my hubs, and me. We are making plans to review our income and expenses again soon too since my freelance writer and blogger income is monthly/weekly/daily we need to get a handle on it to start saving for our springtime plans and be more financially stable week to week.

  4. Jennifer Van Haitsma

    These are great tips! I usually my husband to take care of things because it feels too overwhelming and stressful to me. Maybe I will try to get more involved.

  5. Nathalie Vorche

    As someone who is pursuing finance, I really need to be handy with money. Budgeting is a really important thing for yourself and for your household

  6. Gervin Khan

    Great post, this will help everyone of us to manage our own finances and to know where your money is going and to know how much is your spending.

  7. Terri A Steffes

    My husband and I both work on our accounts together. By doing so, we have managed to save over 100K in four years. It takes both to be committed to getting things done.

  8. Tammy

    I take care of all our finances since I used to work for a bank and also an office manager for architects. I learned a lot of skills from those jobs.

  9. Candace

    Yes, budgeting is so important when managing your personal finances. It’s important to know what’s coming in and what is going out!

  10. Ruth I

    Managing financials are very commong issue. Budgeting is really important for so many reasons. Spending blindly happens to me so casually. Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be keeping this in mind.

  11. Joe @ Mini Riches

    Managing your finances well can be so liberating! My wife and I have kept a budget for the last 7 years. Our template combines zero-based budgeting with pay yourself budgeting, and it has been a game-changer!

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