How to Fight Your Massive Overspending Demons and Why Saving Money is Important

Everyone wants to save money and live within a great budget. The problem is the self-sabotage of overspending demons. The question is “how to control” and “put to rest” these overspending demons.

There are many answers, but one big one is creating a “saving money chart”. This will enable you to see why saving money is important and stop overspending. Then you can understand why and how to create several bank accounts.

There is very expensive psychological therapy to identify the issues that have led you to overspending demons. Most people who waste money on a regular basis don’t have money for psychological therapy.


For others, the therapy is usually a short-term fix, since it works mainly while under the care of a therapist.

Sometimes therapists can’t figure out the connection to the real problem of overspending and not saving. The issues can be complicated.

The most difficult thing to identify is “triggers” for overspending. Where did it start? Who was your role model when you started? And what makes you feel like you want to overspend? What is the history of spending by your parents or guardians?

Some consumers feel they were prevented from spending as a child and young adults and it made them feel bad. Now, they want to make it up with excessive overspending. There are many healthy ways to feel good, identify those to replace them with overspending.


Disorganization with finances causes confusion. If there is no plan of needs versus wants, and budgeting for all the needs, including savings, confusion will ensue. When one is confused, random behavior takes over, in this case, excessive spending or massive overspending.

Then, there is no money for saving. Understanding why saving money is important will help. Reasons to save are it maintains your independence by not asking others to take care of your emergencies. Enables you to purchase larger items without predatory loans. Most loans are predatory.

These are two of the biggest reasons. Also, peace of mind that you have financial backing for an emergency is another.  

Creating a “saving money chart” with different scenarios will help to understand why saving money is important and how it is done. Using financial calculators is another.

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The crowd theory may help with a successful plan to stop overspending and understand why saving money is important. There is a psychology behind having accountability partners. Partners help each other by encouraging each other to stay on track.

Each time one falters, encouragement from the other will pull up the other.

Disorganization of finances causes many problems



Give yourself multiple reasons for not overspending, staying within a functional budget, and saving money. There are many ways to achieve this goal, start with a long list. The more reasons there are, the more likely a person will stay on track.

Saving money in multiple accounts will enable a saver to go to a personal bank account for rainy day funds, not a friend or family member.

Creating a successful “saving money chart” will keep you saving money easily and on track.
Understanding why saving money is important will keep an overspender out of unnecessary spending and in the area of budgeting and saving.

This all sounds easy, and it is if given time, attention, and working with a partner who desires the same outcome, and it’s consistently done.

Why saving money is important and how to use a saving money chart.
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Accountability partners help each other achieve goals



Create a conscious plan with your accountability partner. Because most overspending is done unconsciously and later with regret, a conscious plan is necessary.

In your conscious plan, set milestones to stop overspending and start accumulating money for various needs. What will you do daily, monthly, and yearly to be successful with this plan? How will you carry that out? Write it down, create a saving money plan and make it a major part of your life.

SUMMARY of creating a saving money chart and how to understand why saving money is important.

There are multiple things that can be done to help overcome the huge obstacles to stop overspending and start saving.

Get psychological therapy which is usually too expensive. Start with a massive organization of finances and get an accountability partner to help each other.

The more reasons an over-spender has to stop overspending and start massive savings, the more successful the plan will be. Keep overspending out of your subconscious mind by working on a conscious spending plan.

How to Fight Your Massive Overspending Demons and Why Saving Money is Important

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  1. Monica

    I hate that I’m such a spender. I try to stick to low budget places, but I still feel that guilt. I would benefit from an accountability partner for sure.

  2. Melsisa Cuhsing

    I am cracking down on expenses after the Holidays… we honestly just took care of the kiddos this year and will make it up to ourselves later… no biggie I just love watching the kids stained at their gifts an spending time together as a family!

  3. OMG! I need to hear this. I love the idea of creating a saving money chart. I also think that having an accountability partner would be helpful. Thank you for sharing this. Appreciate the tips.

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