How to Save Money On Groceries 5 Magnificent Ways

Save Money On Groceries

Learn how to save money on groceries in these 5 magnificent ways

Learn how to save money on groceries in these 5 magnificent ways


  1. Shop with a List and Stick to it

You can save lots of money on groceries. Go through your refrigerator and your cupboards. List the items you need to replace. Create a budget, then decide how much you can spend. The budget should be predetermined by your monthly take home pay. You can save money on groceries when you stick to a strict budget.

  1. Don’t Shop When Your Hungry

When you shop when you are hungry your mind plays tricks on you, so you grab high priced items you would not normally purchase. There are many prepared meals at grocery stores now, but those meals are easily and quickly prepared in your kitchen. Don’t fall for the quick, easy convenient method when shopping. Eat a meal, and then shop for meals you can easily and cheaply prepare at home.

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  1. Coupons Are King

You can get free coupons in several places. Some grocery stores have a coupon kiosk when you enter. You can get coupons in a discarded newspaper from your neighbor or friend. And some grocery chains have their own coupons on their grocery store website.  Most grocery stores give coupons when you checkout and some have them on the back of the receipt, check everywhere, they are popping up in many new newspapers and circulars. Coupons are a powerful way to save money on groceries.

  1. Don’t Forget to Analyze Your Grocery Sales Page

Grocery sales pages come out in free newspapers and paid newspapers. Pay attention to the rotating sales of the grocery sales pages. You can alternate products you need to get everything replaced in your food pantry for the month. Grocery sales pages are another very powerful way to save money on groceries.


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  1. Stay Away from the End Isles With Special Higher Priced Items

End isles have new products, higher priced products and products that are not selling. Go down each isle, one isle at a time, then onto produce and dairy. Make sure you stick to your list and your budget. In some stores, there is an end aisle at the back, this end isle has deeply discounted out of stock or manufactured discontinued items. Many of these items are things you still use, so pay attention and save money on groceries with these deep discounts.

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how to save money on groceries

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