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My Dental School Experience and The Need For Money

After graduating from dental school, I thought I had arrived and was told by everyone, I would make " a lot of money". I found myself, instead, with school loan payments I could not make, and being forced to run up credit card debt(so I thought). Gee! Even making rent was difficult. Most dental clinics would not hire dentist under 3 years experience, so the first jobs I took paid pathetically low.

The Progression to my "Live Rich Save Money" Principles

Since my first paychecks were so small, I had to figure out the money thing quick. I started to employ the principles in my "Live Rich Save Money! Easy Budget Planner" & books and I pulled myself out of school loan debt, credit card debt, and to my surprise -- after no savings for five years I came up with a savings plan.

The Savings Account I Created With My Techniques

I created a substantial savings account in just 1 year, saving $20,000 in the first year alone. Now, my bank account is literally " running over". I want to share the same techniques with you, all outlined in my Live Rich Save Money! Easy Budget Planner and the accompanying information. My savings increased exponentially from then on, to levels I had never dreamed of.

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  • You're a Frugal Person, either a Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Person, Blogger, Parent or Online Business, you have tried many ways to budget, save money, and improve finances, but you kept slipping back. My Easy Budget Planner will get you on track if you are from 21 to 63. 
  • You will find out how financially successful people live with money management, and how yo can do the same.

I Created The Most Amazing Features For You ! Here I Created Features That I Found Were the Most Popular Among Those Who Requested My Easy Budget Planner

The features include great templates, proven techniques, budget guidelines, a chart system, live rich exercises, liver rich quotes, and a bonus list amongst many:

Great Templates

You will have clear templates to guide you through the process of getting out of debt, and into financial bliss.

Proven Techniques

With these tried and true techniques, you can use forever, you will develop "peace of mind" around money and bills.

Budget Guidelines

Using my budget guidelines, you will have the extra money in your pocket you have always wanted.

Chart System

With my chart system, you will have a daily reference for money saving tips.

Live Rich Exercises

Using my "Live Rich" exercises, every decision-making process in your life will improve.


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Easy Budget Planner

What Makes me Qualified to Teach You

The Personal Finance Books I have Authored. I first authored the award-winning book, Let's Get Financial Savvy! From Debt Free to Investing With Ease. I later authored the "Live Rich Save Money" ebook series. One ebook is "Live Rich Save Money, Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways, by Lois Center-Shabazz (me). 

My Speaking and Television Engagements. I have done over 50 speaking engagements and 10 television shows, teaching others to save, invest, and get out of debt.

My Personal Finance Blogs. After learning to save and invest over 30 years, even getting a financial license . I have shared my information on 3 blogs, for as long as the past 13 years. My blogs, MsFinancialSavvy.com, LiveRichSaveMoney.com and LiveRichCalculators.com.

It is Difficult to Find Great Budgeting Help

"I have tried to find a system that is easy to use, understand and retain. This is such a system, I love it!

And of course, I can use it forever!"

Mabel Amador, Dental Specialist

The Easy Budget Planner Really Works

"Before I started using the Easy Budget Planner, my income was high, but my retention to money was low - now they are both high."

Marc Bullard, YouTube Specialist

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"What more could I ask for. Yes-I am a grown up, no - I did not know how to manage finances, and yes - bad money management had stolen my peace of mind. 

Today, I take care of financial issues immediately, I have been motivated to monitor everything, and measure my spending with precision - one of the best gifts from the "Easy Budget Planner" system."

Candace, Social Media Specialist


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This private discount will end without notice. Take action now

and save 72% off the normal price!
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The easy budget planner to live rich save money