Learn Wonderful Ways to Save Money When You Are Unemployed

It’s possible to learn ways to save money when you are unemployed, even when you don’t have a savings mindset.

Learning new ways to save money when you are unemployed

Learning new ways to save money when you are unemployed is not difficult, but it does require some concentration and tracking your spending. Many waste time blaming themselves or others but it is a useless exercise when you have been fired, instead, think about the many ways to save money to make it through your unemployment period.

You are not the first or the only one who has been laid off a job, in fact, there are those like yourself  who have efficiently come up with money saving solutions, it just takes a little time. Some have family or friends who help, but you can do it on your own if you focus.

Since job searching is time-consuming and costly, saving money on everything from gas to food, becomes crucial. Preparing a super cost-cutting plan is essential because, you still must pay for health care costs, rent, utilities, groceries, and other necessary bills. To help you save a significant amount, here are some great ways to think about, how to save money, that have been tried, and recommended, by other unemployed folks.

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The process of saving money begins with the evaluation of your expenses and listing everything ranging from the least important to the most important items. It is obvious that things like rent, food, utilities, then car insurance, car payments, credit card payments, and student loans will be on top and other not-so-important things like newspaper subscriptions, cell phone expenses, cable tv, and entertainment costs will be at the bottom. It is also crucial that you discuss payment difficulties with anyone you owe money to now, don’t ever ignore those you owe money to.


There are probably lots of “stuff”, you have that you are not using, don’t become married to useless “stuff”, let it go. if it will help to pay bills, you can’t afford to keep it.

Here are a few small  things you can consider selling to save money while unemployed

If you have unused gift cards – sell them:  An average household in America holds new gift cards of more than $300. An estimated amount of $30 to $40 billion adds up from gift cards  you can find lying in drawers around U.S. households. Without a doubt, you can make money by selling them, as many people are always willing to buy gift cards at a reduced price.

Recycle: Though many households regularly recycle items, now it is time to recycle everything you find that is recyclable. A lot of things like aluminum, scrap metals, or steel are best for recycling in exchange of money. The amount you get for recycling is not a lot, but it may be adequate to pay off some small bills and save a little money. Cancel all newspaper, magazine and other unnecessary expenses, to save money for other bills. If you possess season tickets to anything, now is the time to sell them.

Even the little things can add up:  On tough days when you scour bills, thinking about, how to save money today, even little things may prove to be a boom. Look around and see what small things you have in your home that can easily be sold to pay a bill. These small items can include unwanted clothes, dusty knick-knacks, and an over-supply of neck ties and artwork. There are many sites such as eBay and craigslist that purchase and sell for you, also consider your local flea market, the local flea market is easier than online sales.


These smart moves show you how to save money that can add up to large sums.

Choose One Room for Your Family To Hangout: With everyone sitting in different rooms, your electrical bill will become unnecessarily large. The more lights, tv’s, and computers you turn on, the higher your electrical bill. Running electricity in one room significantly decreases electrical wattage. Also, do not keep heating thermostats turned up all day  during winter months, instead, turn them down to a minimal temperature, and maintain a low bill. The opposite holds for air conditioners.

Look for generic brands:  Buying generic brands can decrease your spending by as much as 20-30% on many items. And, buying all the essential commodities from a high-end store will cost you more, shop discount grocery stores. Also, consider serving less expensive recipes rather than the more expensive recipes. Moreover, even the simplest recipes can be healthier than expensive ones, so why not try them. Other products you buy in a discount store will have a cheaper alternative, try to stick to discounted stores.

Reduce expenses on entertainment:  Say you only watch a few channels in your expensive cable line up. So, you should look for a package that only covers your favorite channels and charges you less. The dish, DIRECTV, and cable companies now give subscribers the autonomy to create their own favorite package, so that they can pay only for the channels they want. If all of that fails, just get the bare bones cable, and consider an inexpensive alternative such as Netflix.

Cut short your phone bills:  When you have no job, and your budget does not allow you to do all that you want, the first thing you should reduce is your phone bill. Make sure your landline or cell phone  is covered with unlimited long distance calls. Make sure your cell phone has enough coverage for emails and text you can afford. Phone bills are some of the easiest to trim, at least when you have very little money.

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There is no doubt that the job-hunting process involves cost, but at the same time, the tag of ‘No Job’ leaves you with no other option than reducing such expenses. Many cities have workforce centers to assist you with job hunting in one place with computers, copiers, resume writers, and job search classes, among other benefits. Some cities provide the service in the public library, ask friends, family, librarians or city officials to direct you to the right place.


Costs arising out of traveling to interviews, buying clothes appropriate for each interview, and so on will obviously put a burden on your pocket without producing any guaranteed results. Keep track of all expenses and the results you get, each time you use them, this will enable you to cut out the things that don’t work.


Your car is not going to run without gas and you cannot burn gas all the time when your income is low, and expenses are many.  Simply put, you cannot afford to drive a car each time you get a call for an  interview.  By limiting gas usage and taking public transportation instead of your car, you can save a substantial amount of money for other job search uses.

Finding ways to save money when unemployed can be a challenge, the ideas here are just a few, continue this list and your cost will come down and your savings will come up.


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