Why Do Great Investments with the Highest Returns Go Up and Down Overtime?

Why Do Great Investments with the Highest Returns Go Up and Down Overtime?

To obtain investments with the highest returns, there needs to be a detailed investigation of the investment first. The highest returns this month may be the lowest returns next month. The most important point to look at is the investment with the highest returns over a long period of time.  

Month-to-month, week-to-week, or day-to-day returns are not adequate to judge investments with the highest returns.

Next, look at the news and fundamentals of the stock or mutual fund over a 3-year, 5-year, or 10-year period. Track the investments with monthly returns over several years. Fundamentals include everything you see on a stock or mutual funds chart.

A great way to find the highest returns is with an investment group. And understand several issues about the investments market when each person tracks a fundamental or news of the investment.


All investors want to make profits with investments. With that said, most want to make the highest profits possible. That includes very high returns. Just like home prices, the price of rare gems, the prices of clothes and shoes, and investments go up and down over time. The trick is to find the investments that go more up than down over time. This will bring in the largest profits and the investments with the highest returns.

Be forewarned, many high-return investments may start out low, so it is important to know the big picture. It’s like buying an original painting from an unknown artist. The artist spends years showing at art shows. After a few decades, the artist became well-known, and the price of his artwork skyrocketed.

This is the saga of many high-return investments.  The artist’s followers maintained his following and artwork to profits. Also, an investor can maintain a following of the investments market to profits for a given investment.

Learn everything about an investment by tracking an investment market with monthly returns and investments NAV. The NAV is the net asset value of a mutual fund, like the price of a stock.

The highest investment returns over time, don’t always appear that way



The investment market is massive and complex. But there are many simple-to-understand investments. The first thing to understand is the difference between the investment market ticker symbols. The DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P500 are just a few that represent market indices. Each market index represents a particular type of investment.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an index of 30 of the largest blue-chip stocks in the market. The DOW represents the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is an index of the 30 largest blue-chip stocks in that market.

The NASDAQ is also known as the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The NASDAQ is the second-largest stock exchange. It represents a lot of tech and high-growth companies, including biotech and health care.

The S&P 500 represents 500 large-cap stocks of U.S. companies. It acts as a benchmark to compare the market at large to other investments.

Most mutual fund companies have mutual funds that include a mutual fund for each of the above indexes. There are choices of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds from each index. Each index can be purchased as a mutual fund or EFT (exchange-traded fund).

This sounds a little complicated doing it alone, but the best way to learn is to get an investments group where each member reports on a specific index, stock, or mutual fund.

A crucial part of investments is understanding the investments markets



There are hundreds of things you can study in an investments group, but there are only a few the group needs to study to become efficient. Start with understanding budgets and savings for investments.

For a beginner, dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds are the easiest to understand. There are also many dividend-paying stocks and mutual funds that have some investments with the highest returns.

But be patient; Rome was not built in a day, and neither are investment returns. Locate the symbol of a stock or mutual fund the group is interested in. Research the symbol of that investment.

Know what to look for when studying high-return investments. Start with investments that have a high lifetime return, then 10-year and 5-year returns. Then read the news to see where the investment is heading. Do they have top-rated mutual fund managers or great company management for stocks? What is the overall cost of the mutual fund?

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Look at investments with monthly returns. Notice that monthly returns go up and down, sometimes way down and sometimes way up. A few will have small swings over time; these are the lower-risk investments, and higher-risk investments can have large swings. There are many low-risk, low-cost investments.

When it comes to mutual funds, note the NAV or net asset value of the mutual fund. It is like the price of a stock.

Tracking the stock price and the NAV is important because it shows how the investment goes up or down over time. If a stock has split, this is important information since a stock price of $800 can split four ways, then the price is $200. But the value of the stock is the same. It looks like the value is down, but it is the same, so it is important to note this. It is a good idea to study stocks first, then mutual funds, since mutual funds are made up of a basket of stocks.

There are many ways to find information for an investments group session. Start with the investing category at MsFinancialSavvy.

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There are many investments with the highest returns in the markets. The important fact to know is that high returns don’t happen overnight. And investments go up and down over time, no matter how great they are. Look for investments that will end up profitable.

Individuals can do lone research but using an investments group makes research easier. Before getting started with research, first, understand an investments market.

Research to look at is investment NAV with mutual funds. With both mutual funds and stocks look at the monthly returns over the years, not months.

Before starting to invest, understand how to guerrilla budget and save money to invest.

Why Do Great Investments with the Highest Returns Go Up and Down Overtime?

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