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Your 3 Investment Stops To Start Investing

Don’t Let Negative Thinking Place You in Investment Stops, Start Investing Now

Here are 3 investment stops to start investing money for retirement, savings, vacation or just a rainy day. It is essential if you want to ever retire, you must know how to invest.

The 3 Major Investment Stops

I don’t have enough money to invest.
I have to pay off my bills first.
I have money to invest, but I am afraid.

What is stopping you from starting to invest? Three of the most common investment stops are listed above. What can you do to start yourself to invest?

There are many inexpensive ways to start investing. You can open an investment account with a broker that sells shares or partial shares of stocks.

You can open a mutual fund account with a mutual fund company that will allow you to start with a small amount of money. And finally, you will have to shed some old baggage about investing, for example, “I will start investing when I get my bills paid off,” or “I am afraid to invest.”

Start With the Right Investment Priorities:

Invest in the right car
Invest in the right home
Learn comprehensive investing in mutual funds, credit scores, budgeting,
saving money, and student loans. Learning low debt strategies is essential.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to start an investment account.

There are mutual fund companies that will allow you to start an investment account for as little as one hundred dollars. You can add as little as twenty-five dollars a month.

The monthly additions work to significantly increase your account due to dollar cost averaging.  Low-cost, low-risk mutual funds have a tendency to be less complicated than stocks. But, low-risk dividend paying stocks of stable companies are a good research vehicle as well as mutual funds.

There are companies that will allow you to invest in a few shares or partial shares of stock starting with as little as eight dollars a month. Then, adding eight dollars a month to your account to purchase these shares or partial shares of stocks .

I have to pay off my bills before I start to invest.

It is a good idea to have your debt well under control before you start to invest. The interest rates on outstanding debts sometimes are in excess of the interest rates on investments. Coupled with compounded interest, high debt payments can be excessive.

There is an easy way to invest after you have your bills under control, that is to treat your investment as “just another bill.” Before you know it, you will have a significant investment account.

Do you have plenty of money to invest, but you are simply afraid? I think the term for that is, “fear of the unknown.” That is probably the easiest investment stop we address in this article.

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Use these 3 investment stops and invest with the right knowledge

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How a Budget Can Create Financial Freedom in 5 Ways

Financial Freedom
How a budget can create financial freedom for everyone

Know Where Your Finances Are First

Since the most important aspect of financial freedom is no or low debt, I will start with debt.

There are those who are in horrific debt and they don’t know it, as high debt is a major robber baron of financial freedom – it is important to understand it’s implications. The main reason is because they don’t know what high debt is.

They have somehow gotten the wrong message about money and debt. They feel the more debt they have, the more money they have. Well, I am here to tell you that the more debt you have, is simply the more debt you have.

If you don’t have enough money to pay your debts every month, that is a sign that you have too much debt for your income. If you are making your debt payments, but it is difficult to pay your debts, you still have too much debt, and need to find ways of getting your debt down.

Low debt is one of the five major factors credit reporting agencies use to determine a high credit score. A high credit score is important because it saves you money when you get loans. The better your credit score, the lower the interest will be on your loans, in some cases, you may not get a loan at all, if your credit score is too low. One way to start down the road to financial freedom is creating a scripted budget.

Ladies for peace of mind when you buy a car you must understand the rules.

Write 5 Steps to Getting What You Need to Start a Scripted Budget

Write down the most important things you need immediately. Then, write down the things you need long term. Examples of immediate things you need may be 1. pay off student loans in 3-5 years, 2. purchasing an affordable car after paying off student loans, 3. saving for an affordable vacation after doing number 1 and 2.

Then you will concentrate on long term goals, like finding a higher paying job after you get experience or getting an apartment or home in a better neighborhood.

Write 5 Steps to Getting What You Want in a Different Scripted Budget

Write down what you want short term, but is not necessary. Then ask yourself if you really want it and what feeling you will have if you get it. Then write down a budget and stick to that budget for everything you want.

It is imperative to create and stick to a budget with your wants, since wants sometimes to become emotional and emotions create an easy window to overspend. Example of wants are 1. a new dress for you cousins wedding, 2. going out of town for the weekend by plane to a friend’s graduation etc.

Use the Top Three Steps from Your Budget Scripts to Meet Your Goals

Home ownership dream for women

Of the five steps, you write down for both needs and wants, focus on the top 3 on each list. Focus on those top steps with laser precision. Narrowing your focus to the top three and the top 1 on your list will make it easy to make your goals in your time frame.

It will also make it easier to do. Many times, people give up because they feel the task is too hard, this comes when the task feels too overwhelming, the focus will relieve you of the overwhelm feeling.

Every Month Analyze Your Steps and Decide What You Need to Change in Your Budget

Somethings you do will work well, some won’t work at all, and as you use your current list you will also find better ways of meeting your goals. Because of this, you will change your steps by rearranging them or rewriting them.

Look at this article as one of many lessons in financial freedom, the more conscious you are about your budget, the more likely you will achieve financial freedom in the future. If you feel you have financial freedom now and you don’t live within scripted steps, as recommended, it would be wise to start so you can remain financially free.

Media propaganda to buy products we don’t need confuses people into thinking they need them, they buy them, then they get deeply in debt. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by product propaganda, but instead use conscious scripts to achieve low debt.

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How to Protect Your Tax Returns and Pay Taxes Online

Tax returns can be protected and avoid unnecessary stress.

How to protect tax returns and pay taxes online

Tax preparation and tax preparer selection are not all that difficult, but there are those who make it difficult by not adhering to a few simple rules.

Avoid tax fraud by choosing your tax preparer carefully, and carefully communicating with your tax preparer once he or she is chosen. You can pay taxes online  with the new IRS systems.

The IRS defines someone who is an Abusive Tax Preparer as someone who prepares fraudulent or abusive tax returns for compensation. Here are some of the ways they prepare false tax returns that are easily detected by the IRS.

  • They may inflate expenses related to business or personal use.
  • State false deductions, give tax credits that are not allowed, state excessive exemptions
  • Give false tax credits, such as business equipment credits or personal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  • Claiming false income and loss statements
  • Claiming non-existent charitable contributions
  • Claiming false dependents
  • Preparing fraudulent schedule C (for business expenses)
  • Claiming false medical and dental expenses; usually over inflating medical cost so they can deduct them.

These and other deductions are usually caught with the IRS “red flag” system as tax fraud. The return is rejected for review because it does not make sense according to computer analyses of the return. You can check own tax forms, filing your own tax forms, and pay taxes online.

The IRS has a special division whose sole purpose is to investigate tax preparer abuse and fraud. It is the IRS Criminal Investigation Return Preparer Program (RPP) that flags the fraudulent returns. Through the RPP, all fraudulent tax preparers are subject to criminal charges.

The abusive tax preparer usually prepares taxes for large numbers of people. The people, who use the services and receive bad tax preparation, will later be charged with interest, penalties, and sometimes civil and even criminal charges.

In 2010 the IRS launched the tax preparer oversight program. This allows the IRS to monitor and catches tax preparers easier. It is important for every taxpayer to make absolutely sure they have closely researched their tax preparer, so they can choose a preparer carefully. The taxpayer is responsible for every single item their tax preparer places on their return.

With electronic filing of income tax returns, and refund anticipation loans (RAL), came new abuses in filing for tax preparers. There were fake tax preparers, filing fake electronic returns and taking fake RAL’s. Since 1977 the Criminal Investigation Unit in the 10 IRS campuses, monitor returns for fraud at their Fraud Detection Centers (FDC). The FDC’s role is to detect tax fraud and tax fraud schemes, and send them to the Criminal Investigation Unit of the IRS.

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Here are questions you can ask your tax preparer before you get started.

1.   What are your qualifications?

A CPA or Enrolled agent are the best qualified to do taxes. Both of these designations regularly take classes and take an exam for their designations. A CPA or certified public accountant is the highest qualified in the tax field.

2.   Would you be willing to lie on my return?

If your preparer says yes, run as fast as you can. This can get both of you in trouble so why would he/or she be willing to lie. Perhaps your preparer is not licensed. Licensed preparers can lose their designation if they are caught lying on a return.

3.   How is your information protected in their office?

The computer and backup files should be secure during and after hours. All paper files should be secured in locked cabinets. Identity theft is on the rise.

Easy Budget Planner for an outrageously great budget4.   What are your costs?

Agree on a tax preparation fee before you hand over your information, so there are no surprises.

5. Can I pay you extra to re-check my return against documents I have given you?

Ask your preparer to re-check your return. If you have the ability to check your return against your documents that is fine. But, you absolutely should check for the small things: correct spelling of your name, correct social security number, correct occupation, correct income, and any other minor items, which could turn major if entered incorrectly.

6.   How Long Will It Take?

It is your responsibility to organize your tax information and submit it to your tax preparer early. It is your tax preparer’s responsibility to get the information back to you in a timely manner, so you can file your taxes well before the tax deadline.

The Internal Revenue Service has several ways to find dishonest tax preparation. They have a series of checks and balances in their system that can signal fraud.

Why would you risk getting caught by the Internal Revenue Service when the penalties are far, far greater than the savings you will get for dishonesty, by you or your tax preparer? There are many ways your preparer can be dishonest about preparing your tax return.

He or she can make it seem as though you have more business or personal expenses than is true. I have listed many of the ways dishonest tax preparers try to fool the IRS. Some of the more common are; going through the trouble of presenting false receipts for equipment or furniture not purchased.

They can get you a credit where you do not deserve one. They can make false claims about deductions you are not entitled to. False receipts can be detected by the IRS, as well as other forms of fraud.

Understand how tax preparers charge. This is another area where you can get scammed. Tax preparers charge according to the difficulty of your tax return. This should be a flat fee. If a tax preparer charges you according to the percentage of the money you receive from your return or if they claim they can get you a higher return than anyone else, run, as fast as you can. This should raise a red flag in your mind.

You have heard this in other articles I have written, but I will say it over and over. You are responsible for every item that goes into your tax return. You will be heavily fined and penalized for dishonesty in your tax return. So, check your tax return carefully. If there is something you don’t understand, ask your tax preparer to explain it. As you can see from all of the above, you will sleep better for years to come if you file an honest return.

But, better yet, you will save money, lots of money in the long run if you are honest with your return, and you choose an honest tax preparer. You can pay taxes online when you find you own money after tax preparation.

Be sure your preparer signs your return and gives you a signed copy of the return, so you can verify everything on your return is correct before you mail it, and avoid tax fraud at all cost.

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How to protect tax returns and pay taxes online

Healthy Natural Oat Bran Muffin Recipe

Easy and Healthy Oat Bran Muffin Recipe


This is the tastiest oat bran muffin recipe you can buy at msfinancialsavvy.com

Dinner recipes include a natural oat bran muffin recipe that can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Oat bran muffins are a healthy source of fiber and calcium.
The ingredients are measured, but not exact, you can adjust to your personal taste. Because fiber is healthy, this is a particularly healthy recipe.


1 bag of box of natural oat bran

1 tablespoon baking powder

2 tablespoons vanilla flavoring

1 cup applesauce

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1/3 cup of sugar or sugar substitute such as Splenda or stevia

1 egg

1/2 cup milk (whole or low-fat)

1 cup of blueberries or raisins


Mix bran, applesauce, vanilla flavoring and cinnamon and sugar first.  Continue with 1 egg and milk and all other ingredients,
and either blueberries or raisins placed and folded in last.

Place in a cupcake pan lined with cupcake liners or oil and a dusk of flour.

Pre-heat the over to 350 degrees

Bake for 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees.

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