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Personal Finances That Rock

personal finances that rock

To get personal finances that rock understand that there are many ways to achieve a given task. You only need to use one to be successful. The one that works of course. I have used many ways in the past to create successful personal finances that rock, so I will attempt in this article to outline a few that have worked and will last.

The first thing you must understand is my definition of personal finances. In my opinion it is simply staying close to your finances. Understand everything possible about every single financial decision you should make. That begins with decisions about the smallest things to the largest. Do research, ask people you know who have had to make those decisions. Many of them will tell you the mistakes they made so you won’t do the same.

I speak to people all the time who tell me they must consult with a salesperson about funding a retirement account, buying a home, which car loan to get, or if they should take out student loans. You should have the ability to answer the above questions yourself if you are involved in your personal finances, the right way.

Do your research, talk to people close to you, get an idea of what is best for you, so at least you are in the ball park before you think about a purchase. That way you will not let a sales person lead you a stray or someone else who is not qualified to tell you what to do.  You instead will direct him or her. Here are three suggestions for developing personal finances that rock.


Make up your mind that it is your responsibility to get personal with your finances. There is no one out there who will cherish and adore your finances as you will. If you are having a hard time making finances personal, you can use a series of techniques make peace with your finances. Many of you have heard messages over the years that you can’t manage your own finances, it must be either a spouse, parent, salesperson or other person.

You can change that way of thinking by changing the way you think with affirmations, and visualization. Just like any other positive thing you want to bring into your life, you can bring in the ability to manage your finances, by writing positive affirmations about managing your finances and visualizing yourself managing your finances daily, weekly and monthly with success.


Get organized like you’ve never organized before. Don’t be afraid to guerrilla organize your finances. Set up a system for bill paying, saving money, and paying down debt. Then set up a system for spending money on things you need first and things you want second. If you can’t afford to buy it, it may be that you can’t afford to buy it now, you may afford it down the road as you pay off bills, and save money for it. In your record keeping system start with what you have and what you want to end up with in 2 years, 3 years and then 5 years.

Major purchases take a lot of research, to purchase a car correctly, a home, or an education. Realize that it takes time to get your finances in order. Your personal finances will not be build up in a day or a month. But, if you organize your finances and create a plan, they will be eventually build up.


Get help and follow directions, remove your old ways of thinking about your personal finances that did not work. Things that don’t work are keeping too many credit cards, charging too much on credit, using loans to replace loans (like loan consolidation), instead of working to pay off the loan with money from savings or income or simply buying what you can’t afford. Thinking that things will make you happy, when in fact the happiness with things last only a short period, especially when you find you can’t afford to pay for them, major depression sets in.

Write down the advantages of getting personal with your finances. There are many 1. You save money easier 2. You will purchase what you can afford 3. You can work your way out of debt or stay out of debt 4. You can avoid getting cheated in purchases by unscrupulous salespeople 5. The peace of mind you get when your finances are in order 6. You can hedge against losses if you lose your job or the economy goes bad.  7. You can concentrate on other important things in your life that need your attention.

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