how to avoid cryptocurrency romance scams, it is easier than you think

How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Romance Scams, It’s Easier Than You Think

There are millions of online dating websites. But the cryptocurrency romance scams are relatively new, powerful, and have lasting negative results.

Many good people access online dating websites, and some even get married. Unfortunately, there are many not-so-good people who also access online dating websites. These people target naive and underinformed online users.

Many of these websites can be accessed by people from all over the world. Most put up glowing profiles, making themselves appear to be the most desirable person ever.

The problem, unless you have a few factual pieces of information about your prospect, and you can run a deep background check – you have no idea if the person is legitimate. Some use fake names, so you can’t investigate.

The cryptocurrency romance scams appeal to greed and romantic fantasy. Some people lose their sense of reality when it comes to dreaming of instant wealth with a beautiful person.

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Here is how the cryptocurrency romance scams work

1. You access an online dating website

2. You look for a picture of a handsome man or beautiful girl, with a profile you like

3. You feel that it is the actual person behind the profile because it is there, it may or may not be

4. They may text, email, or call you for a while with sweet nothings, one even used an online video chat

5. Then, they usually have a distant romance with you for about 6 to 10 months

6. After a short, months-only online or phone relationship they start to tell you they love you or have strong feelings for you, or you are beautiful. No matter what you look like.

7. Once they feel they have reeled you into their life, they start the cryptocurrency scams.

8. They tell you how they made millions from cryptocurrency. They want you to get in on this before it is too late, then they direct you to their FAKE cryptocurrency website (trading platform), with FAKE graphics and FAKE animated charts showing FAKE cryptocurrency going up and up.

9. The more the FAKE animated charts go up, the more you are told to put in. Some of the FAKE cryptocurrency websites (apps) are made to resemble real existing sites.

10. Some scam victims are putting in all the disposable money they have. After running out of money or asking for their profits, the scammer takes down the FAKE cryptocurrency website and disappears from the online dating site.

Fake Online Dating Profiles

The trick is to find out if the online dating profile you are accessing is real. Some dating profiles have both pictures and written profiles that are fake. Others have real pictures with a fake profile. While some have exaggerated profiles and a real picture.

In our area, a terrible event happened and the suspect in the profile was found to have five different pages with the same picture, but a different profile, and his name was spelled slightly different in each one.

Here are a few true cryptocurrency online romance stories in recent news reports:

Online Romance One:
Only then did she realize her love interest had a fake online profile and she was a victim of an online cryptocurrency romance scam.

Online Romance Two:
Only a few months later, when he told her she could get rich with this cryptocurrency website, she sent him all her money. When it shut down and she did not hear from him again, she realized it was not real, her money was gone.

Online Romance Three:
She directed him to a fake cryptocurrency website that displayed a fake graph of cryptocurrency going up and up. He didn’t want to miss out so, sadly, he invested close to a few million dollars, his entire retirement account into her fake cryptocurrency website.

He realized she was fake, and the website was fake when it all disappeared after he asked to take profits out.

How do you protect yourself from cryptocurrency dating scams?

For years now people have been warned about the ease at which online users can put up fake online dating profiles and pictures. Many are honest, but many are not.

You can protect yourself by believing that every step is a move toward a scam. Be cautious and suspicious at the same time.

You can google the name of the person, but you may be googling a stolen picture and profile name, so that doesn’t always work.

Online Dating Scams Summary

The minute your new friend asks for money, investments, or favors is the minute you leave the online relationship.

That is your HUGE red flag that something is terribly wrong. If you want to know the legitimate cryptocurrency investment companies read my previous article.

Cryptocurrency in and of itself is said to be a speculative investment often going way up and way down, according to investment specialists.

So, before you get involved you must do a lot of research and start small to get the feel of it and see how it works. You have heard the old saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

A speculative investment (in my opinion) is one where you put only enough money you can afford to lose if the investment is not real or goes bad.

The names of cryptocurrency websites should not spell-like spam. A cryptocurrency app should only be downloaded from legitimate sources like google play store or apple+.

You can find the list of legitimate cryptocurrency trading platforms and you can find lists of fake cryptocurrency trading platforms or websites. They are all listed online. New fake cryptocurrency trading platforms are created every day, so beware. Online dating scams of many types are increasing.

How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Romance Scams, It\'s Easier Than You Think

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