How Going to College Free Can Happen When Debt-Free Options Are Understood

How Going to College Free Can Happen When Debt-Free Options Are Understood

Debt-Free College Options are Available

Getting a debt-free college education begins with a deep understanding of the different types of colleges and universities. Cheap colleges US (United States) should be a search every high school student starts with. Cheap colleges US does not mean the colleges offer a low-quality education. It only means the colleges are affordable. There are many different types of colleges to choose from. It’s important that students know the difference between colleges. Not all colleges and universities are good for all people.

There are many student loan alternatives that begin with affordable college and avoiding excessive student loans. You must know which is best for you, both financially and academically. I will start with a brief explanation of junior colleges (also called community colleges) and end with for-profit colleges.

✨✨Junior Colleges Your Best Value for Debt-Free College In Your Cheap College U.S. Search

Students can get a certificate in a specific field or a 2-year AA (Associate of Arts) degree in something that has high job value. Community college is the best value in the search for “cheap colleges U.S. It doesn’t mean inferior or low quality; it just means affordable. Affordable is important if you don’t want to lose peace of mind paying high-balance student loans after college.

Students who are lower middle-class, low-income, or struggling single parents have special circumstances. Because of this, some can sometimes attend with a Pell Grant, avoiding loans.

Getting a no or low-debt education will eliminate years of financial and emotional pain

If you do have to get loans, they may be minimal. Try to avoid loans at all costs.

Do your research, and work out your best solution. You must keep yourself motivated if you attend a community college. Community college students find they must be self-motivated since it is a cross between high school and a 4-year college.

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✨✨State Colleges and Universities Are Student Loan Alternatives for Low-Debt

The absolute best value for colleges and universities under junior colleges is a state college or university. These colleges and universities have the lowest cost of tuition and fees for a four-year degree for most colleges. The books, supplies, and room and board, as with all colleges and universities, are extra.

If you live at home or with a relative at no cost, a state college or university can be a real value. This alone could leave a student with little or no loans. Most employers in local towns give preference to their local state college and university students for employment. Because those employers usually know the quality of those schools.

For poor and lower-middle-class students, many can go to their local four-year college with a combination of Pell Grant and a part-time job. This will also leave them with no school loans if they live at home. This is huge. Most HBCUs are priced similarly to state colleges. Some are priced as expensive as private colleges or universities, so remember to do your research.

How Going to College Free Can Happen When Debt-Free Options Are Understood. Do not get an expensive masters degree too soon.

✨✨Private Colleges and Universities If You Have Rich Parents or a Full Scholarship

This includes famous and not-so-famous colleges and universities. Some of the colleges that fall into this category are expensive Christian schools. Some are Ivy League schools, and some are small, little-known colleges and universities. They all have one thing in common, and that is enormous costs.

High-cost colleges will leave you with school loans of $40,000 to $200,000. This is a near tragedy for poor or middle-income students; these loans could take 30 years to repay. No college graduate should be braced with that much of a load on their backs for so long. Especially since it may take months to get a job in your prospective field.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a college is affordability for parents' income

Private schools have enormous and hidden costs, so it is imperative that you research costs on the schools’ websites. Otherwise, a student could be left with severe sticker shock after starting college. Students can get a good job if they go to an inexpensive school as well as an expensive school. So why not protect yourself, your finances, and your future with a low-cost college or university?

Ladies, don't get cheated buying a car. Student loan alternatives include living at home, concentrate on cheap colleges us

✨✨For-Profit Schools, Colleges, and Universities

In for-profit colleges, the learning is usually quick, the courses are short, and the costs are high. Many of them advertise for much less than the actual charges. How do you know if a school is a for-profit? For-profit schools and colleges advertise a lot on television. The school is usually located in a strip mall, business park,  office building, or online only. They don’t normally use college campuses. Researching for-profit schools show that graduation rates are usually very low, and the student loan default rate is also very high.

✨✨Short Quick Programs of For-Profit Schools

Many for-profit schools offer short, quick programs and degrees. You may have to do a lot of research to find them listed as for-profit online. Some of them claim to be non-profit, but they are not. Many of them give college degrees in as little as 1-2 years or certificate programs in as short as 6-8 months. Some employers don’t recognize degrees from for-profit colleges. Since for-profit colleges have been accused of and found guilty of numerous problems against students, some are now calling themselves non-profit.

But, they are still for-profit with another name. Most are located in office-type buildings or storefronts. They offer quick classes and very poor financial aid packages.

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✨✨The Biggest Problem With For-Profit Schools

The biggest problem with for-profit schools is that most of them include mostly loans for even the poorest students. They offer a lot of certificate programs that require the passage of an exam to get a certificate. If the student doesn’t pass the exam, they will not get a certificate.

Many kids don’t pass the exam because the courses are too quick, and now have loans with no ability to get work. This is usually the most difficult way to get an education.

The government has recently cracked down on for-profit schools since the fail rate on exams, including board exams, is high. One for-profit nursing school in Virginia had a dismal pass rate on board exams of. None of the students passed the nursing board exam, but they all had loans they could not repay. The students sued the school for loss of accreditation. This information was withheld from them. Verify that the community college, state college, or university program is fully accredited before applying to the college.

One type of for-profit school that was closely scrutinized was found to brace students with nearly $80,000 in school loans. This was the Corinthian Colleges.

✨✨Corinthian Colleges Student Loans Forgiveness

After petitions and media attention, the government forgave all Corinthian college student loans with forgiveness; this is rare. The problem was that students could not get jobs after attending. The employers told them they did not recognize the school as adequate for job placement.

The students were told they would have no problem getting jobs when they enrolled. ITT Technical Institution, another for-profit, was recently shut down due to its predatory methods against its students.

It is a part of the government crackdown on predatory for-profit schools. You can search google for a list of for-profit schools that have been closed by the government. Understand the current student loan debt crises to keep your student loans at 0 or very low.

Financial aid packages in for-profit colleges almost always include large loans. And for many who can’t get jobs, it is not possible to pay the loans back. These loans can leave students with a lifetime of poor credit.

✨✨Your Best Bet for Debt-free College and Other Student Loan Alternatives or Cheap Colleges US

The best way to get a debt-free college or student loan alternatives that are inexpensive or cheap colleges US 1. Go to an accredited junior (community) college on a Pell grant, work part-time, and live at home. 2. Go to a state college or university with a Pell grant, work part-time, get a relative to help, and live at home. 3. Go to a state college or university with the help of a relative or on a full scholarship. 4. If you decide to go to an expensive private college or university, go with the help of a relative or a guaranteed full scholarship or fellowship for graduate school. Do not add insult to injury and get a master’s degree if you have a large loan balance from college.

If you are a graduate who has no loans, work and live loan free without a master’s degree. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement for master’s degrees.

Understand that cost is the most important factor when it comes to choosing an education with debt-free college. There are many student loan alternatives. It is absolutely essential that you know all costs and academic programs of your chosen school by reading their online catalog.

A last reminder that if student loans aren’t paid in a timely manner, your check will be garnished by the government, no matter how much you make.

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How Going to College Free Can Happen When Debt-Free Options Are Understood

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  1. Great tips for those that are entering this phase of life. I’ve always told my son it’s best to get the basics out at the Community College. Cheaper and easier to complete vs. a large institution.

  2. Amber Myers

    College is just too expensive. I really hope something is worked out long term so more people can afford to go and not be in debt.

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    Love this post and I believe somewhere along the line people felt they had to go to an uber expensive college or university to be somebody and get a good paying job. Honestly… my sister went to a junior college… and is a nurse in South Caroline and make about 150,000 a year and there that is a lot. You do not have to go to a crazy expensive college to get a good education.

  4. I kinda wish I didn’t get my bachelors degree because it put me in debt. My life turned upside down after I had my youngest son and left me with a slew of health issues. But I did start off at a community college and paid for some of my classes out of pocket.

  5. Thank you for sharing this option with us. I will be talking with my son, so that he knows and understands when he is in college, he will be able to save some money as well.

  6. College prices have gotten so expensive, and tuition was tough to manage even when I was younger. It is good to have an understanding of how to manage tuition.

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