How to Find Career Solutions if Your Job is More Stress Than a Paycheck

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It seems that career solutions are in order if your job is more stress than a paycheck, according to statistics many Americans fit the profile. Recent reports say that half of all Americans are unhappy in their jobs. I was not surprised by this statistic. I used to work in a building where I would look out from the second story window at 5:00 p.m. and watch in amazement as people literally ran in droves to their cars, seemingly unaware of surroundings.

It is a tragedy when people spend the best years of their lives doing work they do not enjoy and dreading going to work on a daily basis. Negative feelings about work affect every area of your life, including your relationships, motivation and physical and mental health.

From my experience as a coach, people who are unhappy with their work often feel stuck. Many suffer from what I refer to as the “competency curse.” The competency curse occurs when people become very good at their work, either through years of education, or experience or both, but the problem is, they are experts at something they don’t enjoy and hence, fulfillment and satisfaction are elusive. In addition, many people become “finance dependent” attaining a level of income which they become dependent, usually by working for corporations with high salaries.

They become part of a large group of people wearing “golden handcuffs.” The paycheck and benefits keep them chained to a job they dread. What do most of these people have in common? First, their lives are on hold until five o’clock, weekends or retirement. Second, they really are not stuck – they have choices. I call the choices, career solutions.

If you are one of the far too many people who are starting your work week with feelings of dread and resignation, here are some strategies that will help you right now to take action and move forward into a rewarding, happier career.

(1) Realize that you have choices and you’re not stuck.

Refuse to become a victim. Take control of your life and your situation. Even if you choose to stay in an unhappy job, take responsibility for the decision to stay and realize that it is your choice. There are courses and mentors who can guide you to enjoy what you do.

(2) Refuse to trade a life for a lifestyle.

Forget about the fancy house and the new car. Simplify your life. Having the freedom to choose will make you much happier than any material possession you could ever own. Some highly paid individuals find they are on the job for one reason, to live a life of luxury, they no longer enjoy. If this is you take a hard, deep look at other career solutions.

(3) Have financial reserves.

You can save more money than you’re currently saving. Write down everything on which you spend money in one month. Cut expenses again and again. You will find that you’ll spend less money when you’re happier with your life. The Easy Budget Planner is an ideal guide.

(4) If there is something you have always wanted to do, start now.

Take small steps. What are you passionate about? Do you want to own your own business, become an artist, write a novel, go back to school or start a new professional career? Whatever it is, take action steps, one at a time. If you look at the entire process, it will overwhelm you. What one thing can you do today to start your journey? Be careful not to fall into a career solution that is not satisfying, and stay out of debt.

(5) Difficulty resolving job conflict

If you are having difficulty resolving the conflict about whether to stay in a job or to leave and you need some objectivity, try this
exercise. Ask yourself the following question: “What would the wisest person on the Universe tell me to do in this situation”? Consider at least 10 facts to make an informed decision, and do lots of research. This is a very powerful tool that will give you a much broader perspective. Understand all of the benefits your company has to offer, and get the most out of your package. Learn to choose the proper retirement package.

(6) Is there something you could do to make your current work situation better?

Maybe it would be as simple as redecorating your surroundings to reflect who you are. Perhaps there are job opportunities in another department or an opportunity to take on another role in your office that better suits your interests and personality. Write down any problems you are having and take just one step this week toward positively resolving this issue. Many times small changes at work  make a big impact in job satisfaction.

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