Saving Money – Acquire Financial Savvy

Saving Money – Budgeting 101

Before investing, you must acquire FINANCIALSAVVY, or an understanding of saving money and budgeting. Acquiring financial savvy will lead you to a clear understanding of money, and it’s boundaries. An example of financial savvy is found in the old adage, “you can take a million dollars from a rich man, and chances are he will regain it within a year. You can give a million dollars to a poor man, and chances are he will lose it within a year.” The major difference is FINANCIAL SAVVY.

The idea is that once you acquire financial savvy, you will acquire the knowledge to obtain large sums of money over time and retain it, as well as enjoy it. Not only can you obtain and retain large sums of money, but you can also leave it to future generations or a charity.

We all know why money is important in our lives. Too often, we find we don’t have enough when we need to purchase a home, or a car, take care of our health, educate our children, or retire. Acquiring FINANCIAL SAVVY will help to remedy and prevent future financial needs.

To assist you in your acquisition of FINANCIAL SAVVY are three of our financial calculators. You should use each calculator regularly. The calculators are the Accelerated Debt Pay-Off Calculator, the Monthly Deposit Savings Calculator, and the Budgeting Calculator. You can find each of these calculators right here at our website, , just follow their respective links.

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