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personal finance savvy money tutorials

You Will Immediately Get 3 Major Benefits As Soon as You Start:

  • The most important thing Is that your life will change with added peace of mind and stability.
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These Personal Finance Tutorials Are For You if You Want to Get a Clear Vision of Money And its Solutions...  You Will See Great Changes in as Little as 30 Days

Right now we are going  to, be honest with you, we're not beating around the bush. I have listed the 3 main points that should get you thinking. Do you want to get out of debt, learn to save money and invest for savings, college, and retirement  or be miserable and confused? The key is understanding your personal finance, I create vision for you.

With that in mind, The most important problem for most Americans is the "Lack of Money  now, and limited Assets for the future. Recent research shows that the average American only has $1000 in the bank. That is outrageously low, and a very serious cause for concern. What does this create, it creates a situation where people find themselves getting into something I call "Loan Loops". Their entire life gets caught trying to get out of one of many loan loops, instead of a concentration on saving, investing and making life better now and in the future, they borrow money and get trapped.

I have been in a "Loan Loop" during my life and I was miserable, thinking this will never end.  I employed the knowledge in my tutorials. I learned after years of study, introspection and experience in everything I show you. I will show you several ways that wealthy people use to increase net worth, and improve financial decisions. But first, I will show you how to improve your personal finance and improve your personal ability to manage money, acquire wealth and mostly, peace of mind.

“The change in your life can happen, only when you start the engine of change. Start now, understand that change takes time, and my tutorials will make it possible.”

There are many ways to solve your money  problems. From getting debt free  to saving money, and learning to invest for now and the future. Here it is below, all laid out in a language you can understand,  let's take it from problems to solutions together read the buttons below.

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By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

See Your Life Soar

You can immediately create a sustainable budget, start a savings account, no matter the income,  and tract or investment in a low risk easy investment.

Lock it up to Success

Most folks don't understand whether you are a stay at home Mom, executive women, a small business person, or a single dad. First and foremost is your budget, then everything else falls in place.

In The Palm of Your Hands

The steps are as simple as 1,2,3 and they are right here, placed in the palm of your hand.  All you have to do is open up the opportunity right in front of you. It is that easy, and you are on your way to financial peace and prosperity.

"After using the tutorials my financial vision changed permanently..."

"I always had an uneasiness around money, but now I feel as though I can conquer the world with my knowledge from budgeting to investing. I have opened new accounts and started to save and invest, but most of all I fully understand budgeting"

- Shelly A. (Artist and Mom of College Boys)

Pay Attention to this Story...

"This is how I became financially savvy."

My first profession was a dentist. I started dental school with no debt from college and left with a mountain of debt. My loan payments were so high in comparison to my income right out of school, I reluctantly used credit cards for much of my needs. I soon found myself in what I called debtors hell. I then extended my hours, working double shifts, and then life really got hard.

Then, I decided to do the unthinkable and got into more debt with a small business loan. It was difficult to find a bank that would trust me, but I did. I felt I had to take 5 steps backward to take 10 steps forward. The income as an  employee dentist at a non-profit was too low to maintain a livable life. Getting a small business loan with existing student loans and credit card debt was difficult, but at the time I felt I had no other options.

I then learned how to live like a pauper so I could pay off my student loans, pay off my small business loan, and my credit cards. I learned monster budgeting techniques and to my surprise, one day I had paid off everything. It took me only 4 years to pay off a large business loan that should have taken 10. I developed razor sharp skills to budget and save that enable my debt pay off.  I am so excited about my financial success, I want to share it with you.

What Savvy Money Tutorials Do for You, I Choose
The Most Popular Topics For Your Success:

Our Greatest Problems Are in Our Budgets. Start With Understanding How to Create a Great Budget,  And all Else Will Fall in Place. Mortgages, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Retirement, Tax-Free Investing, and later, Investment Clubs. Understand your personal finance vision now.

personal finance savvy money tutorials

Women and Girls are Particular Candidates for Savvy Money Tutorials. We Need to Catch up to the Money Game.

personal finance savvy money tutorials
  • Every woman and girl in the world is told at some time in her life is all it takes is your Prince Charming and no worry, you will be taken care of for life. History has shown that not to be true with most elderly women.
  • Secure your own life, secure your own future with education, knowledge, and security of knowing how to make money and keep it. Doing this with a spouse is icing on the cake, but your spouse should not be your cake.

Our World Rotates Around Money...

It doesn't matter what your educational level or age. The time to get started with sharp money skills is now. It's your money, you need to know what it's used for. Recent reports state that women retire with much less money than men although they fund retirement accounts more than men. Why? Less knowledge about money, mutual funds, stocks, mortgages, retirement accounts and more. 

Some women learn money management from their parents, some from their teachers, some from grandparents and uncles, and some from no one. Some of the lessons are life changing financial booms, and some create confusion and poverty. Understand money the right way, teach yourself and your children and your parents. There is no better time than now. 

It Begins With Budgeting, It Ends With Investing

Here's Why "Savvy Money Tutorials" Program Is  Important To You (Value $1185):

Budgeting 101: It all starts here, you can find money you thought you never had in your budget

Mortgages 101: Buying a Home at the right time and the right way, you can save thousands of dollars.

Retirement 101: Doing retirement planning right can make the difference between a retiring in comfort or poverty

Mutual Funds 101: There are thousands of different types of mutual funds, there are mutual funds for retirement or savings or emergency funds

Tax-Free Investing 101: Understanding the different types of tax-free investments will save a bundle on taxes

Scholarships 101: Millions of dollars of scholarship money goes unclaimed because many don't understand how to access

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personal finance savvy money tutorials

"Had I have had this information before I started college, I would have made different decisions."

"This is my second go-around with a MsFinancialsavvy product, I love the fact that I know what a budget is and I know how to invest my 401k. "

- Dr. Armas (Physician)

"My Credit card debt is a thing of the past, welcome savings"

"Before I took the "Savvy Money Tutorials" I knew there was a right way and wrong way to handle money, I just could not figure it out on my own". I had 10% of the formula, now I have the rest."

- Akiba (N.Y. Fitness Consultant)

"Money surrounds every aspect of our life..."

"When I saw this "Savvy Money Tutroial, I knew it was for me. I knew the starting formula, but I needed help with the entire process. Wow! Is this great, I now know what a stock, mutual fund, and savings account is. That is how to get the money for them and how to create them. Great stuff!

- Lloyd A. (Physician)

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Why would You Hesitate If you have a computer or access to a computer you are a candidate for this tutorial. If you want to secure your present life and future, this tutorial is for you. If you want to protect yourself from nice looking predators, this tutorial is for you. 

There is nothing better than education about your money, your budget, your retirement. Trusting strangers is ok to plan your budget, savings and retirement only if you have a prior knowledge about what you need or what you have. Only you care as much about yourself, your life, your money, and your family. You hear about devastating stories all the time on crime shows, about the people who trusted complete strangers to manage their life, financial decisions included. The results were devastating when total strangers were trusted.  Learn to manage your own money and your own life, my Savvy Money Tutorials are a great place to start with your research. If you have a small income or a huge income, this tutorial is for you and the time to start is now.

I can come to you or your group in person, sit down and go over every small item you need to be financially successful  for $10,000 or you can get started now for a fraction of that cost you will loose out in thousands of dollars in savings if you don't get started now.

A Short Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Get "Peace of Mind"
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Lois Center-Shabazz


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