Healthy Dinner Recipes Using Spices for Seasoning

Healthy Dinner Recipes Using Fresh Herbs

healthy dinner recipes with herbs and spices

Fresh Herbs For Healthy Dinner Recipes

A healthy way to spice up your cooking or your salads is with fresh herbs. You can grow them in a garden or container pot if you don’t have much space. Herbs grow in the spring, summer and fall in colder climates, and year-round in warmer climates.

The most common garden and container herb plants are basil, chive, cilantro, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme. I have all of these in my container herb garden. Rosemary grows as a ground cover or ornamental plant. In warmer west coast climates rosemary grows, and grows and grows all the time. It grows well now in my east coast home as an ornamental plant in the spring, summer, and fall.

In the winter many of your herbs will go dormant, but in the spring they will grow back on their own. The following are a list of the most common herbs and many are easy to grow. This is important because herbs are expensive to buy.

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Anise-Works well in salads
Basil– Use with vegetables, salads, tomatoes, eggs, and beef
Bay Leaf– Use in stews, casseroles, and sauces. Don’t eat them, remove before eating. Bay leaves grow on a bay leaf tree or bush. I have a bay leaf bush in my yard. I just go out and get bay leaves as I need them. Ask your Gardner to order a bay leaf tree or bush for you. They grow year around. The Bay Leaf Tree is the “Laurus nobilis”, this is what you give your nursery.
Chive– A type of onion. Good for potatoes, cheeses, dips, soups, and more.
Cilantro– eggs, salads, sauces, Latin American and Italian.
Cloves– Sauces and beverages
Cumin – Soups and spices, particularly good in Indian and Mexican cooking. I use it in turkey dressing at Thanksgiving also, along with sage, other spices.
Ginger– Good in Asian stir fried vegetables
Marjoram – Good with salads, sauces, and vegetables.
Mustard – Good with a variety of food, good in sauces. This is the mustard seed.
Nutmeg – Used around Thanksgiving and Christmas in pumpkin pie. Goes good in eggs, deserts, and vegetables.
Oregano– Used a lot in Italian sauces, also good in soups.
Paprika– Good on eggs and potato salad
Parsley– Good in meats, sauces, soups
Pepper– Ground or dried peppercorns are used in a wide variety of foods.
Rosemary– Makes lamb taste great, also vegetables, soups, sauces and italian food.
Sage – The most famous use is with American thanksgiving turkey dressing, also use with salad dressing and beans.
Savory – Use in lentil soup, cabbage, tomatoes and beans.
Tarragon – Sauces, dressings, tomato, and egg dishes.
Thyme – Lemon flavor, good with tomato dishes, and a variety of soups and meats.

Fresh herb spices will make healthy dinner recipes taste delicious.

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