Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the purpose of Msfinancialsavvy?
A. To  drastically increase the Money IQ of women and girls, also getting them to understand the proper uses of money.

Q. Are there social media pages to ask direct questions about MsFinancialSavvy and Personal Finance?
A. Yes, my private facebook groups page, join me if you are on facebook or get a facebook page and join WomenVestors Chat Stop

Q. What area can I get the most out of ?
A. Start with the area you are lacking the most in.

Q. Are there any free services on Msfinancialsavvy?
A. Yes, Lots –  Articles, Calculators,eBooks and eCourses (ecourses coming soon).

Q. Are the personal finance books for sale?
A. Personal Finance,  Book Series by Lois Center-Shabazz at MsFinancialSavvy.

Q. Is there any other information I can purchase from Msfinancialsavvy, like money coaching?
A. Yes, I do elite personal finance money coaching.

Q. I don’t see the financial calculators on your site?
A. The calculator explanations are on this site, the actual calculators are on our sister site, www.liverichcalculators.com.

Q.I see budgeting articles, are there any Budget Planners I can use on the site?
You will get all eight of Lois’ eBooks when you join my Fantastic Finances Wealth Building Course.

Q. How do I contact you if I have a question about an article or product on your site?
A. Go to our “contact us” page on this site or go to one of the social media pages below.

Q. I heard Msfinancialsavvy is partnered with Art websites that displays the owners art, what are they?
A. Her Art websites are Artbazz.com and Artbazz.net

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